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FRP tanks
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FRP tanks


♦Excellent physical&mechanical property

The density of FRP tank is around 1.8~2.1g/cm3, it is 1/4 comparing with steel. Under similar situation, the yield strength of FRP is higher than steel, C.I and plastic. The thermal expansion ratio for FRP is almost equal to steel, however the thermal conduction is only 0.5%, it is a quite good thermal and electric insulated material.

♦Corrosion-resistance,long life service

FRP has special anti-corrosion performance. When storing corrosive fluid, FRP will be one of the best choices when viewing cost and effective.

♦Flexible designs and optimized tanks' structures.

Through changing the resin type or reinforcing fiber, the physical and chemical characteristics could be adjusted to satisfy the various process fluid and several extremely operation condition. By changing the fiber layer thickness, spiral angle thick, the tank bearing load can be easily adjusted. It will give much flexibility for the tank or vessel design comparing with steel material.


Glass Fiber is the reinforce material for FRP product, it is deemed as “Bone” for bearing external load. The strength condition of spiral tank will be decided by fiber selection. Resin is another part of the FRP material. Resin will be applied for adhering fiber with each other, and to be the duty material to bear the corrosion. The Resin is the most important portion for FRP product to decide the anti-corrosion, high temperature service and anti-aging characteristics. In terms of that, good selection of resin is the most important to ensuring the FRP product quality and safety. The principle of resin selection is shown as below:

A: Appropriate anti-corrosive and high temperature service resin should be selected for inner shell.
B: Anti-aging and heavy duty resin should be applied for structural portion.
C: Anti-aging and UV protection resin should be designed for external shell.

Large on-the-spot FRP Tanks

We imported computerized FRP tank fabrication line for producing the FRP storage tank with over 4 meter diameter. In terms of large scale storage tank, through our best experience, we will apply local spiral method and delivery our production equipment to site for local fabrication and installation, it will dramatically reduce the cost and minimize the difficulty of transportation.

Typical Cases

Customer: 佳精科技(揚州)有限公司
Product Name:FRP acidified pressure tank
Specification&Modle:DN2600*3800 20m3

Product Name:FRP dispersion tank of 3000MT Fluororubber
Specification&Modle:DN2400*3000 13.6m3
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