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FRP Chimney
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FRP Chimney

The chimney is the major waste gas emission channel for power generation plant or metallurgy field. Normally wet desulfuration process will be applied for local power generation plant, however it request high anti-corrosive and high temperature service for inner surface chimney design. Through long terms research and lab test, appropriated FRP chimney lining is the best choice. Technically, economically will be obviously observed, the operation life circle is long and reliability is high.

    Viewing Globalize chimney protection method, major three popular anti-corrosion schemes will be applied: Titanium duplex plate, Pennguard inner lining system and integrate FRP spiral chimney. Nowadays integrated FRP spiral chimney is widely applied for USA new build power generation plant after viewing high duty of anti-corrosion, long term life circle, heavy duty and lower cost spend.

    Widely successful experience in aboard project, FRP chimney is ensured to be a low cost and high duty selection for desulfuration unit.

    The structural formation of FRP chimney

    ●Concrete enclosure with inner FRP chimney

Concrete enclosure with inner FRP chimney will be mainly applied for 100m ~ 200m height stack. Under such structure, FRP will be applied for anti-corrosion and high temperature service; however Concrete enclosure will be designed for reinforcement. Several project, 2 or 3 FRP chimney will be mounted in one concrete enclosure, and detail could be designed according to Client requirements.

    Concrete reinforce FRP cylinder will be designed with multi-parts, and support will be set on concrete enclosure to mount the FRP lining cylinder, the span is 30~50 meters, each piece will be connected with expansion joint, and sliding guide support will be equipped for supporting.

    Installation procedure of FRP chimney:
    1.Transport top chimney part to the bottom of concrete enclosure.
    2.Lift up the top parts up by hoist, the lift height will be the same height of below chimney part.
    3.Transport below parts into concrete stack and connect with upper parts.
    4.After connecting, dismount the upper hoist, and move it down to lift under parts up. The lifting height will be the same length of coming next parts.
    5.Follow the Step3 and 4 to connect coming parts.
    6.Through adjust lifting hoist and inner cylinder parts location, we could fix all parts on the support.

    ● Free standing FRP chimney

Free standing FRP chimney will be applied for the stack less than 100m, normally it will be integrated with desulphurization tower, and the stack will be directly assembled on the discharge nozzle of tower. Multi-piece design will not be applied for such chimney design; the weight of chimney will be directly transferred to desulphurization tower, or support steel structure. However when using support structure, chimney should be separated with tower through expansion joint connection.


FRP temporary chimney for any potential overhaul for existing plant

The premise of installation temporary FRP chimney

    Since the temporary FRP chimney normally will be slightly lower comparing permanent stack. Lower stack will effect the environment, in case of that, the alternative scheme and environment impact report should be submitted to local environment protection bureau and relative department for approval. In addition, the temporary chimney should ensure the safety operation of the desulfuration process system.

Applicable of temporary FRP chimney

    In terms of existing old plant desulfuration process modification project, such as <WFGD> process with GGH system, the emission gas temperature will be around 50oC. Proper anti-corrosion treatment should be improved for concrete stack. Furthermore, there still have many potential troubles even adopting the advance wet desulfuration technology, such as poor anti-corrosion design and construction quality. Any improvement should be carried out for those existing process plant.

    Currently various experienced method will be adopted for those improvement, such as: tantalum alloy cylinder lining, PENNGUARD interior lining system, however those method need long terms of construction duration. During improvement stage, desulfuration system should be suspended. It will cause a giant economic loss. In case of that, temporary FRP chimney will be a good solution to keep the desulfuration process system operation, until the recovery of permanent system.

    The setup of temporary chimney will not effect any improvement overhaul schedule, it could both minimizing the cost impact and win much time for the existing stack overhaul. Recently the corrosion issue is one of the most headache troubles of desulfuration system, adopting FRP temporary chimney will be a good backup solution to gain much time for Client. We generate rich experience from temporary chimney production, design and installation turn key job, it could be your best backup for any potential corrosion trouble shooting.

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