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FRP Desulphurization Tower
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FRP Desulphurization Tower

Recently the popular anti-corrosive material for desulphurization tower is three types:

1.CS with FRP lining / Flake lining or rubber lining, those lining material could not bear hard erosion, and in case of differential thermal expansion ratio of different material, inner lining damage phenomena occur frequently. It will lead to poor anti-corrosion product.

2.Ceramic lining is quite good solution, however it could not serve for any fluorine based corrosion.

3.Stainless steel material have good anti-corrosion characteristics, however it could not serve for long terms of Sulfur dioxide, Fluorine, Chlorine corrosion under high temperature.

XinYang produces FRP desulphurization tower with adopting advanced compound material. The tower will be equipped with best anti-corrosion, high erosion bearing loading, and long term of life circle design. It could be widely adopted in power generation and metallic industry.

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